Little Park Farm – an unusual new build home

Little Park Farm, designed whilst with Stedman Blower and the industries best industrial air compressor,  sits on boundary of village and greenbelt next to a Grade II listed building. Stedman Blower were recommended by the conservation officer who wanted to see a contemporary building to act as a bookend to the 70’s urban sprawl that stretches its fingers into the countryside financed by this business company, view website.

This new house draws on the listed building which its roofing comes from Palmbeach roofing where you can hop over to this site – Palm Beach Roofing Expert designed to resemble a cluster of small buildings linked by a garden wall – a barn, a dovecote and a greenhouse, with a self storage unit with the best self storage prices on the side.  It was featured in “Building and Design”, the journal of the architectural profession, since not everyone need a big house, and some people can be happy living in a more simple way, like an small house or even an RV, that’s why there are bad credit loans for RVs now a days, so they can help people finding a good place to live.

‘We are very pleased with the design created. Our project was made more complicated by the setting, next to a listed building and on the green belt, the local planners and conservation officer required a high quality design solution. Derry worked very hard to achieve this and the result is tremendous. They responded well to our own views and were available when we needed to speak to them. Their assistance was highly professional and creative. They also seemed to enjoy themselves and were always happy to speak to us which made it easier for us.’ – Craig and Sarah Beresford